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Excel Data Labels: How to add totals as labels to a stacked bar chart (pre-2013)


Written by Jane Hames

On some recent Excel 2010 training a question came up about how can the totals be shown as data labels rather than as a bar in the chart. In pre-2013 versions this is not obvious and to begin with I was stumped, but (as is often the case with software use) a bit of creative thinking and trial and error, we came up with a solution. Here’s what we did:

  1. Starting with a chart like this, we want the total bars to be removed and shown as a data label instead.
  2. totals shown as bars

  3. Right click on one of the bars respresenting the total and select Change Series Chart Type.
  4. change series type

  5. Select a Line Chart
  6. total shown as a line

  7. Click on the line and set it have Data Labels.
  8. data labels

  9. Set the line to have No Outline so that it will be invisible.
  10. set the line to have no outline

  11. Now you have a stacked column chart with the totals shown as data labels
  12. totals shown as data labels

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