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The working environment has changed beyond all expectations in recent times. With people much more aware of social distancing measures, many organisations now consider on-site training to be unnecessary or undesired. With modern technology online IT training can deliver all you need, often at a lower cost than developing a full on-site training programme.

Whether you’re looking for live training sessions to take place via videoconferencing, or you’d like us to provide on-demand content, we have an online IT training solution that will suit you. If you find yourself suddenly in at the deep end with a newly remote workforce, we can provide transition training to make the move to online working a painless one.

Subjects we cover

online IT classroom training - Microsoft Office
online IT classroom Training - Google Workspace
online IT classroomm training - Adobe Software
online IT classroom training - Bespoke Business Systems & In-House Systems

Online training formats

Why choose Glide for your online IT training?

We work on a bespoke, requirements-led basis rather than offer a set range of courses. We will work with you to identify your specific requirements and objectives before any training is delivered. That way you can be sure that training will always deliver exactly what you’re looking to achieve.

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We are fully equipped with the technology to deliver all our training online. Not only does that avoid any travel inconvenience for your team, but also it means we don’t have the overheads required to maintain a dedicated training centre – and in turn we are able to pass these savings on to you.

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Our trainers have designed and delivered online IT training for business and public sector organisations alike. Clients benefit from our our ability to find creative solutions to their problems based on many years of experience.

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Here some example scenarios that we have helped with

“I manage the running of projects and I need to be better at identifying problems and spotting ways of improving next time. The projects have been delivered late and I think I need more resources but when requesting extra resources, the problem is not taken seriously. I am trying to keep track of costs and the number of hours worked and my client has asked to see a Gantt Chart with key milestones. I want to ensure that plan is kept up to date and if things change, I want to see the knock-on-effect on other tasks. I also need to present reports to my managers”

From a Project Manager/Project Co-ordinator who has dabbled with Microsoft Project or perhaps been using Excel or the proverbial “back of a cigarette packet” approach to project management

“I spend a lot of time finding data in my list, I manually count items in my list – there must be a quicker or better way! I have to present this data and report on it and it would great to learn some data analysis tools and functions to automate some of this.”

From a Data Analyst/Credit Controller/HR Officer who works with lists of data in Excel

“I receive documents from other people and spend a long time formatting them, copying and moving text, but Word seems to have a mind of its own as it adopts formatting from other paragraphs, and the numbering goes wrong. I’ve spent so long on this, I could have typed it all from scratch by now!”

From a PA/Secretary/Legal Secretary who creates long or structured documents in Word

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