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How We Work

Your end point is our starting point. By this we mean we focus on the end objectives of the individual, the team and the organisation as a whole. We design bespoke training programmes that reflect each of these objectives.

We provide training for organisations of all sizes, from small businesses to large corporate clients. There is however one thing our clients have in common: they are constantly looking for opportunities to learn and develop their skills. This helps organisations to run more effectively and also assists in achieving great results.

Our Unique Approach

Glide’s aim is to become an integral part of your internal training operation.

This philosophy delivers results by working closely with you at all times. We design training programmes that truly address your own unique requirements.

Of course we understand that a “one size fits all” approach having a set range of courses with fixed content is unlikely to achieve this.

Why bespoke training can give better results than set courses

In short, you’re likely to find there is a mismatch between your requirements and set course training topics.

There may be a number of specific requirements your team have, that are not all covered on any one course. Conversely you may find one course that does cover all your requirements, but also covers additional subjects that are not relevant to you.

set courses may not match your requirements

Don’t end up with either – or both – of these situations!

When using bespoke training, you can be sure that your team will be covering all subjects they need to address. Furthermore, everyone (including us!) will be pleased that there’s no irrelevant content that risks the delegates getting bored and drifting off.

Our Process

We believe the best way to enjoyed prolonged success is to work with our clients on a consultative basis from the outset. To keep things working well we continue providing each other feedback on an ongoing basis.

To reflect this our process is broken down into four distinct phases. We will work closely with you during each phase to maximise the results of training.


It can be difficult to explain to a training provider what you need training on. At Glide Training we fully appreciate that “you don’t know, what you don’t know”. Our experience means we have insight that allows us to recommend what features would be useful and how those features could be of benefit.

The first step will always be for us to sit down together to identify your needs. We will ask what you’re currently doing, the problems you’re experiencing, and where you would like to be. We then run through a structured process to ensure our focus is on the end objectives of the individual, the team and your organisation.

This way we can maximise the impact and benefits of the training we deliver.


Once we’ve confirmed your requirements we will compile a list of relevant topics and build these into your own, unique, training programme. This will include the course syllabus itself (which will be agreed with you in advance), and materials for the delegates to take away with them. Before the training date arrives we’ll confirm the name of the trainer and their travel arrangements to site.


Our trainer will report in to you and greet the delegates as they arrive. Sessions will be structured to provide a mixture of presentation, discussion and practical exercises, thereby maximising engagement.


After courses have concluded we gather feedback forms from all attendees. These forms ask delegates to rate the course in terms of content, delivery style, and relevance to their role. We will review this feedback with you, and on a longer term we’ll look at the impact the training has had on your organisation. These results will allow us to fine-tune the content of future courses we deliver for you.

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