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Benefits of using Glide Training

There are many training providers out there. So what makes Glide Training so special? Well here are a few reasons.

We give you what you need

We don’t believe in a “these are the courses we offer, take it or leave it” approach. We work on a fully bespoke basis and design our courses around what you need. Before delivering any training we will have a thorough consultation with you to assess your requirements. We can even adjust courses on the day if anybody is at a higher or lower skill level than anticipated.

This ensures we will be training the right people with the right kind of content at the right level.

Our starting point is your end point

Sometimes training courses can be little more than a run through of a list of features available, with little in the way of context or attention paid to why people might need to know about these features. Our approach is the exact opposite. We start by asking what problems people need to solve, and work backwards from there to build a course schedule that’s relevant.

This ensures the people we train will be gaining real benefit they can apply in their work every day.

We deploy our experience to suit the situation

At Glide Training our trainers all have over 15 years’ experience in their field. We don’t take on any trainers that haven’t proved their worth by successfully training in their specialised subject for many years and building a strong reputation for getting results. The trainer assigned to you will always be the person we believe has the most appropriate skill set and experience for your particular situation.

This ensures you will always be trained by the best in the business.

Don’t just take our word for it – see what our customers have to say on our testimonials page.

How we work

Our effective innovative methods help improve the way your organisation works.

Meet the trainers

Our team bring a wealth of experience and expertise (and awards) to the table.

Want to find out more?

If you’d like further details on the training we offer, would like a quotation, or you’d just like to arrange a time to discuss your requirements then please contact us – we’ll always be happy to talk to you.