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Software Secrets: Choosing colours for a PowerPoint presentation


Written by Jane Hames

Lots of research has been done around the human reaction to colour, so if you’re really serious about the impact of colour it is well worth looking in to. Personally, I just try to keep it simple and follow a few basic guidelines.

Here are some of the things I bear in mind:

  • Make use of the PowerPoint themes – they are designed around colours that work well together.
  • powerpoint themes

  • Think about the message that the presentation has to communicate – is it formal, exciting, serious, fun? Look into what colours would help convey this.
  • If you have access to the projector that you will connected to, check how the colours look when shown on a big screen.
  • Even if you are not restricted to a company template, make sure the colours used compliment the brand.
  • Lots of bright white slides can be a strain on the eyes – go for a more subdued background.

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