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Written by Jane Hames

I am a great believer in being as efficient as possible when using Microsoft Office and Windows to maximise the time I have to spend doing other things. In case you missed Glide Training’s Microsoft Office tips on twitter, here they are again to help you to become quicker and more efficient.

Windows 7

Have you seen the Show Desktop button in the bottom right, on your Windows 7 task bar? Move the mouse over it to see the desktop or click it to minimise all open windows.

Here’s an easy way in Windows 7 to quickly compare content in two windows: Drag a restored window all the way to the left & another to the right.

MS Office

To learn some keyboard shortcuts in any Office program, press the Alt key to see the ribbon shortcuts, then the letter for the tab & the letter for the option you want.


In a Word document with a table of contents, cross references or other fields, press Ctrl,A then F9 to update them all at once.

Here’s an easy time saving MS Word tip: To change to/from upper/lower case, select the text & press Shift & F3 until you get the required case.


Are you calm & controlled when presenting with PowerPoint? Tip: To display a previous/later slide, just type the slide number and press enter.


Want to check calculations in Excel? Select two or more cells and the sum of those cells is on the status bar. Right click for other functions.

Do you find Excel annoying when you type a number that starts with a 0, and the 0 disappears? Precede with an apostrophe and the zero remains!

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