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Raise your spreadsheet skills with our new online Excel training course


Written by Jane Hames

We are pleased to announce the latest in our ongoing series of affordable online training courses.

Excel Formulas Made Easy

This course is designed for Excel users who are comfortable with entering data onto spreadsheets, but are looking to take the next step and begin using formulas to undertake more powerful calculations.

What this course contains

You will learn the principles behind formulas, and how to apply these formulas on the Excel worksheet:

  • The ‘building blocks’ and correct syntax of Excel formulas
  • Compiling formulas using keyboard and/or mouse input
  • How to correctly use brackets within calculations
  • Differentiating between absolute and relative cell references
  • How to make use of cells on other worksheets or in different workbooks

The course contains well over two hours of content including eleven video lessons, ten quizzes to test your knowledge and downloadable reference material for you to keep.

This course costs £10.00 GBP and you will have lifetime access to all content. If you’d like to see more information including some free preview content simply click the link below.

Find out more about this course

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