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Microsoft Outlook Shortcut Keys


Written by Jane Hames

Microsoft Outlook Shortcut Keys

When delivering training courses, the particpants are often very keen for me to share keyboard shortcuts with them. The invention of the touch screen does not seem to have reduced requests for help with saving time using keyboard shortcuts. I find that Outlook shortcut keys are not commonly known, so here’s a few that should save a bit of time. Have a practise of these as soon as you can so they they become embedded in your mind…they’ll soon become second nature!

  • Switch to Mail press CTRL + 1outlook shortcut keys
  • Switch to Calendar press CTRL + 2outlook shortcut keys
  • Switch to Contacts/People press CTRL + 3outlook shortcut keys
  • Switch to Tasks press CTRL + 4outlook shortcut keys

Outlook can be used for so much more than just sending emails. Why not give as a call discuss some Outlook training for you, your team, or find ways to improve the way your organsation as a whole communicates with this great tool.

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