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Bored of PowerPoint Bullet Points?


Written by Jane Hames

More and more, PowerPoint users want to avoid “Death By PowerPoint”. Bullet points can be overused in PowerPoint and during recent PowerPoint training we have been thining about how we could replace bullet points with something else. Most good presenters who use bullet points, just give a teaser or a summary of what they are going to talk about by adding a couple of words to a bullet point. Would you consider using images, maps, charts or some other visual indicator as an alternative? Here are a few ideas:

Use SmartArt diagrams to enhance a bulleted list:

PowerPoint training sussex

Use maps or images instead of listing items:

PowerPoint training sussex

Use icons and short descriptions:

PowerPoint training sussex

Use charts and images to illustrate numbers:

PowerPoint training sussex

If you have any other ideas, please get in touch to share them with me. Glide Training provides bespoke Powerpoint training in Sussex, London and the South. If you or your team would like to be more efficient and inventive with PowerPoint, we can help. 01273 956200

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