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We provide IT Training Consultancy services for organisations looking to set up, improve or audit an in-house training service or department.

Knowing where to start with the design of an IT training programme can be a real challenge. You may know what you need to do, but don’t currently have the resources to undertake the task. Or you might have a training team in place but would benefit from collaborating with an outside expert to ensure that everyone is on the right path. Either way, our consultancy services give you the support you need.

Training isn’t just about delivery of the course itself. A lot of planning is required to design and implement a training programme that will equip your team with the skills they need. With our many years’ experience in IT training consultancy we can provide the expertise to make the process simple and efficient.

From understanding your people’s current skills to establishing their development needs, getting them enthused for change and implementing the training, we can help.

Consultancy services we offer include:

  • Review your current training programme
  • Undertake a training needs analysis
  • Design a training syllabus
  • Instigate a change management plan
  • Train the trainer
  • Develop an engagement strategy
  • Establish feedback mechanisms

Case Studies

Here are some examples of projects our consultants have worked on:

Change management and Google Workspace transition for a global media company


  • The organisation was moving all users from Microsoft Office to Google Workspace.
  • Champion training had been delivered but the organisation still needed support with training and employee engagement.


  • Our trainer took on an IT change manager role (as well as a trainer role) to support the IT technical implementation team.
  • Working team by team identify potential difficulties, consult on data migration timings and support before, during and after the migration.


  • The data migration was completed with users confident to work with Google Drive.
  • The majority of users were engaged with Google Workspace.
  • Through our experience some users were identified to keep Microsoft Office.

People engagement and Google Workspace uptake for local government


  • Their Google Champions programme had been implemented several years previously.
  • Users were reverting to Microsoft Office that still existed on their desktops.
  • There was no training for staff or new starters.


  • A project to re-engage staff with Google Workspace and demonstrate the opportunities that this change presented.
  • A monthly Google Workspace Induction workshop.
  • Weekly subject specific workshops.
  • Google Workspace Leads Programme – looking at legacy systems, challenges and benefits of Google.


  • All new starters have the skills to start working with Google.
  • Staff are continuously developing their skills and using the apps in their work.
  • Significant increase in the uptake of Google Workspace.
  • The removal of Microsoft Office can now be undertaken for the majority.

Microsoft Teams training programme design and delivery for a UK wide accountancy company


  • The L&D Manager has been asked by IT to provide Microsoft Teams training to the whole organisation at short notice.


  • We worked with the IT team to design and deliver workshops over several weeks.
  • Production of a video that is now the go to Teams training for new employees (and those needing a refresher).
  • Written materials to provide further support.


  • All staff are now using Teams to run professional meetings with their clients.

Gmail, Calendar and Contacts training for UK based, Europe wide travel company


  • The customer needed support with the next phase of their transition from Microsoft Office to Google Workspace.
  • There were head office staff and staff working around the UK on often remotely located holiday sites.
  • Those on site often had limited internet connection and couldn’t attend training during the daytime.
  • Covid restrictions were in place.


  • Short sessions using Zoom for those who could attend.
  • Visual step-by-step how-to guides.
  • A series of videos that could be watched from home in the evenings.
  • Train the trainer with Site Managers working with remote teams.


  • All staff have the confidence to use the tools.
  • Supporting materials are used by new starters and those who need a refresher.
  • Extra training workshops are scheduled as required.

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