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Introducing a new version of software such as Microsoft Office is a great opportunity for your staff to find ways to work more efficiently and to use new features to enhance the value their work provides to your organisation.

Helping you prepare the ground

When people start using a new version, the look of the software can make finding frequently used functions very time consuming and frustrating for users. By investing in some training, users can be up and running quickly and they can continue working as confidently as they did before.

We know that rolling out new or upgraded software to everyone in an organisation can sometimes be daunting and often IT Consultants are not trainers (and have no desire to be!). Our trainers can be there to support your staff in a way that suits your budget and there are several options that work very well. Below are some of the ways of working, but we would work with you to design a tailored approach.

Hands-on training in small groups

One day or half day training sessions to groups of up to 8 delegates with hands-on practise time. These sessions could be mixed groups or groups of people with similar jobs.

Super-User training

A small group of people attend in-depth training which they will then deliver to their teams. A Train-The-Trainer session can accompany this to equip the super-users with training skills and the confidence to train the other users.

Presentations to groups

A one or two hour presentation to introduce the new layout and the essential functions of the software. A Quick Guide can be provided with tips about how to find common features. These presentations can be generic or job specific.


To follow the training or a presentation, we can provide a floor walking service which involves a trainer or trainers being available at the attendees’ desks to answer specific questions.

Do your IT Consultants have the skills needed to manage the rolling out of new software?

We can help your team to gain the skills required, such as project management, and the human side such as change management and communication, with our range of management and personal development skills training courses.

Want to speak to us?

If you’d like further details on the training we offer, would like a quotation, or you’d just like to arrange a time to discuss your requirements then please contact us – we’ll always be happy to talk to you.