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Business Skills Training

Glide Training offers a range of courses and coaching options for individuals, teams and managers, which can be tailored for participants at all levels of experience.

The learning solution will designed around the high level objectives of the organisation, the required outcome of the team and the needs of the individual. Everyone has a different learning style and we will work with you to find the best approach. This could be single learning event or an on going programme of events and/or coaching.

Management and Leadership Skills

We offer management training courses suitable from junior first-time managers looking to learn the fundementals of team building and motivation, to seasoned executives looking to develop innovation within their organisation.

Personal Development

Glide Training can offer a comprehensive suite of personal development courses for professionals looking to expand their skill set. This can include areas such as sales, presentations, report writing, and even training!

Project Management Training

Project management is a highly technical field, and well-trained project managers will have the greatest chance of thriving. Our courses cover theory and methodology and use of specialist software such as Microsoft Project.

Want to speak to us?

If you’d like further details on the training we offer, would like a quotation, or you’d just like to arrange a time to discuss your requirements then please contact us – we’ll always be happy to talk to you.